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4 CPAP Accessories That Must Be Replaced Regularly

Continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machines allow people with sleep apnea to sleep through the night safely and restfully. Patients can buy their CPAP machines outright or rent them from a medical equipment supplier. Both methods of acquisition have their pros and cons, and both may be covered by a patient's insurance plan. Sleep apnea patients will also need to purchase replacement accessories for their CPAP machine. Here are four CPAP accessories that patients will need to replace periodically:

1. Tubing

CPAP machines rely on a set of tubes to move air and water through the machine. The tubes of a CPAP machine are very thin, so it's not possible to clean them manually. Over time, condensation and water droplets can become stuck inside your CPAP tubing, leading to mold growth. It's important to change your CPAP tubes often to ensure that you aren't breathing in unhealthy mold spores. Replacing tubes often will also ensure that there are no breaks in the line that would reduce the efficacy of your CPAP treatment.

2. Air Filters

CPAP machines blow air gently into your nose while you sleep through the night. This air passes through a filter before it reaches your nostrils in order to keep you healthy. CPAP filters screen out airborne particles that can make you sick. They also filter out allergens, which is good news for sleep apnea patients who also suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies. CPAP air filters become full over time, so they should be replaced every two weeks.

3. Mask

In order to blow air into your nose, the mask of a CPAP machine must be placed over your nose and mouth. CPAP masks are carefully designed to remain comfortable through the night. They're fitted with cushions to provide a comfortable fit and tight seal. CPAP masks can become dirty with sebum and bacteria over time, so patients should clean them every day. Patients will need to replace their masks every three months to ensure that they always have a sanitary, undamaged mask to use.

4. Headgear

Of all the necessary CPAP accessories, your CPAP headgear can be replaced the most infrequently. Unlike your mask, your headgear will not fit over your nose and mouth. Its only job is to hold your mask comfortably in place on your face. You should wipe down your CPAP headgear regularly to keep it clean and only replace it if it becomes stretched out or damaged. To learn more, contact a CPAP accessory resupply company.