3 Helpful Tips When Choosing A Catheter Bag Holder For A Wheelchair

If you require a catheter bag and are confined to a wheelchair, then you'll need a holder so that the catheter bag remains in place while you move around. Choosing one of these bag holders doesn't have to be that complex — even if you don't know much about medical supplies — thanks to the following selection tips.  Look for the Appropriate Size Bag holders for catheters come in all sorts of different sizes today. [Read More]

Suffer From Osteoarthritis? 3 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Characterized by swelling, stiffness, and pain of the joints, osteoarthritis can be a debilitating condition. While it affects your mobility and your ability to complete simple everyday tasks, osteoarthritis can also affect the quality of your sleep. If you are part of the 30 million people living with osteoarthritis, help is available. This guide will give you a few tips to help improve the quality of your sleep. 1. Heat Therapy [Read More]

5 Benefits To Investing In Hearing Aids

If you've been struggling to hear well, you may have considered hearing aids. While some people put off getting hearing aids due to their own personal fears and thoughts, these can be a great solution to get the hearing help that you need. They offer so many benefits and can make your life that much better. Keep reading to better understand the many benefits of investing in hearing aids. 1. It Can Improve Your Hearing [Read More]

3 Considerations When Choosing Electronic Health Record Software

Electronic health record (EHR) software is a vital tool for a well-functioning medical facility. This software helps relay information quickly and reduce errors. When you are choosing a new EHR software for your facility, there are certain factors that can help you decide. Type Of Platform Your EHR platform can take many forms, such as software downloaded onto a server or cloud-based systems. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. A traditional EHR system is often installed on a network server or local computers. [Read More]