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A Chair Lift For Your Stairs Could Make Life After An Injury Easier To Manage

If you've been in an accident or had another injury, and you can't walk up the stairs in your home safely, consider having a chair lift installed. A chair lift allows you to have access to the upper level of your home without having to risk your safety by walking up the stairs when you have mobility issues or pain from your injury. Here are some things you might want to know about chair lifts for stairs.

You Might Rent A Chair Lift For Temporary Use

If your injury caused permanent mobility problems, you'll probably want to buy a chair lift for permanent use. However, if you just need several months of medical treatments until you're able to walk up and down the stairs again, you might want to rent a chair lift until you've been cleared by your doctor to walk up stairs again.

There Should Be An Outlet Nearby For Charging

A chair lift can work on almost all kinds of stairs, even curved stairs. Stairs are usually wide enough to accommodate a chair lift. The only requirement is that there is an outlet close to the top or bottom of the stairs so the battery can charge when you're not using the chair.

Chances are good you'll have an outlet close enough, but if you don't, you can hire an electrician to install one before the chair lift is installed. Be sure to ask the company you buy the chair lift from about the length of the charging cord so you know if you'll need to have a new outlet installed.

Chair Lifts Accommodate Most Sizes

If you're taller than most people or heavier than average, you can probably find a chair lift that fits your size. You'll need a chair that accommodates your size and a chair with a motor that can handle your weight.

When you look at different chair lifts for stairs, the salesperson can measure you if necessary to make sure the chair will be safe and comfortable for your size, whether you're larger or smaller than average.

A Chair Lift Can Help You Be Independent

One of the most important reasons to have a chair lift installed is so your life can be as normal as possible during your recovery or as you live with the change in your mobility. You'll be able to continue using your upstairs bedroom and go up and down stairs independently.

If you can't move your bedroom downstairs, or if you just don't want to, then installing a chair lift could mean you can continue to live in your home rather than have to move to a house or apartment that's on a single floor.

To learn more about chair lifts for stairs, contact a local medical equipment supplier.