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3 Helpful Tips When Choosing A Catheter Bag Holder For A Wheelchair

If you require a catheter bag and are confined to a wheelchair, then you'll need a holder so that the catheter bag remains in place while you move around. Choosing one of these bag holders doesn't have to be that complex — even if you don't know much about medical supplies — thanks to the following selection tips. 

Look for the Appropriate Size

Bag holders for catheters come in all sorts of different sizes today. Some may be rather large and others may be on the smaller side. It's important that you choose the appropriate bag holder size because if you don't, your catheter may fall out or may not fit at all.

So that you get the right fit, take measurements of your catheter bag. Get its length, width, and height dimensions. As long as you're accurate, you can use these dimensions to guide you to the perfect bag holder size for your catheter bag. 

Opt for a Concealed Design

Having a catheter bag is perfectly normal when you have a medical condition or reach a certain age when you can't control your bladder, but it may still seem embarrassing to have. Thus, you probably want to hide it when it's equipped on your wheelchair. 

Well, you can do just that when you get a catheter bag holder with a concealed design. Look for a bag holder that can't be seen through. It should be a dark color or thick material. This design will let you move around in a wheelchair without having to feel as self-conscious. 

Ensure the Material Is Durable

So that your catheter bag stays in this holder on your wheelchair no matter how much you move around, you need to ensure the bag holder is made from a durable material. There are a lot of great options today. 

For instance, a thick canvas material may be ideal. It will fully support your catheter bag and hold up for a long time. Leather catheter bag holders are also great because they can support a lot of weight at one time. You may even look for bag holders made out of synthetic materials like nylon or microfiber. 

If you have to use a wheelchair and a catheter bag, then one of the most useful medical supplies you can purchase is a catheter bag holder. There are many options, but by understanding the right details, you can make a selection that works perfectly long-term. 

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